All PCAB faculty are selected according to the highest standards of competence, professionalism, and self-awareness, adhering to the same evidence-based, neuro-centric, trauma-informed, and presence-centered principles that we emphasize throughout the program.  Other criteria for our faculty include curiosity, humility, flexibility, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence.


Alison Fields
Alison FieldsDirector

Alison (“Aliki”) Fields is a licensed massage therapist (LMT) and clinical herbalist based in Kauai & Northern California. She received her M.A. in Classical Archaeology at the University of Cincinnati and continued her doctoral study at UC and the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Greece.

As an anthropologist and former archaeologist, Aliki draws inspiration from cultural traditions of healing around the world and holds certifications in Clinical Ayurvedic Health Counseling & Lymphatic Massage, The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. She received her massage therapy education at the Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork in between two years of study at California School of Herbal Studies. In her practice, Aliki seeks to integrate heart-centered presence, plant medicine, and self-care education to support and empower clients in their wellness journey. She is particularly interested in how bodywork can support women’s health and is honored to serve as a practitioner at low-cost breast clinics and reproductive care clinics at women’s gatherings across the country.


Brockell Briddle
Brockell BriddleAssistant Director

Brockell Briddle is a licensed massage therapist (LMT), international yoga teacher (E-RYT500), and Founder of Wanderlust Women – a company that offers transformative travel retreats and coaching services for women+. Brockell’s passion for the healing arts began over 20 years ago when she was first introduced to practices from the Yoga Tradition. In 2009, she officially began her teaching career as a yoga instructor which eventually grew into leading advanced yoga workshops, yoga teacher trainings, and retreats which she has now led world-wide. She continues her advanced yoga studies as a dedicated student of Tias and Surya Little and the Prajna yoga school. From her experience as a yoga teacher and practitioner, Brockell became fascinated by the intersection of physical anatomy and the more subtle, felt sense of somatic awareness. It’s this process of inquiry that led her to study trauma-informed massage and receive her education at The Pacific Center for Awareness and Bodywork in 2017. Brockell spent her first several years as LMT in private practice, where she combined her love for somatic movement, breath, and connective tissue bodywork into a unique approach to serve her clients and help them experience a new way of being. Brockell has been a continuous student and active teacher now for over a decade of many disciplines related to anatomy, mindfulness, movement, meditation, yoga, and somatics and looks forward to the challenge and thrill of continuing to hold space and grow as a teacher as faculty member for the future students of PCAB.

Mark Olson, Ph.D.
Mark Olson, Ph.D.Instructor

Mark Olson, Ph.D., LMT has an M.A. in Education and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, specializing in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuropsychology and Neuroanatomy from the University of Illinois where he studied memory, attention, and eye movements. He is an aquatic therapist (since 2004), a massage therapist (since 2000), a NARM® Practitioner, and a published author (including recent articles on Chronic Pain and Why Massage Therapy Needs to be Trauma-informed, and Trauma-informed Bodywork and Scope of Practice). He volunteers on the review board for SRQStrong, a trauma-informed community organization in Sarasota, FL. In his in-person classes at PCAB and his online classes at Affinity Wellness Education, Mark integrates his knowledge of affective neuroscience and somatic psychology with his desire for a more peaceful and compassionate world.

Brad Kammer
Brad KammerInstructor

Brad Kammer, MFT, LPCC, SEP, NMP, is a somatic psychotherapist, consultant, educator, and college professor living in Northern California. Brad is on faculty as a psychology professor at Mendocino College and the graduate psychology program at Sonoma State University. He is also a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and NeuroAffective Relational Model Practitioner (NMP), as well as consultant and teacher in both of these models for working with trauma. He has been involved in bringing Somatic Experiencing to various communities around the world, including survivors of Hurricane Katrina, mainland China, and a year working with refugees in Asia. Brad’s current passion is in bridging the fields of Somatic Psychology and Interpersonal Neurobiology, where he teaches internationally on the integration of working with shock and developmental trauma. Brad’s focus on working with developmental-attachment-relational trauma is informed by the years he worked in community mental health with at-risk youth and their families, working internationally with populations of transgenerational trauma, and in his private practice with individuals, couples, and groups.  Brad is inspired by the spirit of human resiliency and views trauma healing as a vehicle for personal and social transformation.

Michael Polon
Michael PolonInstructor

After 20 years of study Michael Polon still has the same beginner’s excitement when it comes to exploring the art, science, theory and practice of Rolfing® Structural Integration. He began studying at The Rolf Institute in 1998 and began teaching in 2001. Through consistent curiosity and study from within and outside the field of Structural Integration, Michael is passionate about updating the understanding of how anatomy, physiology, movement, posture, pain, therapeutic alliance, and healing all come together in our work.

Michael Hamm
Michael HammInstructor

I’ve taught anatomy, research literacy, and technique in Seattle and around the US since 2007.  I’ve served as a committee chair, trustee, and conference presenter with the Massage Therapy Foundation.  I serve as clinical director for a busy medical massage clinic, and sometimes I publish articles on massage therapy and fascia research (  When not moving in these capacities, I make music.

Adrienne Asta
Adrienne AstaInstructor

Adrienne Asta. Massage is my art, anatomy and physiology, my muses. Professional, self-motivated, team-oriented massage therapist and educator dedicated to client and public education. Everyone has the right to be in touch with their bodies and be empowered with the knowledge of how they function. Continuing education provider for massage therapists in the form of technique, education, ethics, research, and management have been consistently part of personal and professional development. Active volunteer for the Massage Therapy Foundation, American Massage Therapy Association, and member of the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education.

Ryan Mulnick
Ryan MulnickInstructor

Ryan Mulnick, aka Rama, grew up in the mountains of Idaho as the son of two health care practitioners. Deeply a part of his personal constellation, Ryan has been a continuous student and active teacher of many disciplines related to consciousness, embodiment, and engaged living, as he feels the importance of sharing the learnings and beauty that have helped him on his way.  A graduate of PCAB, Ryan worked closely for a number of years with his mentor and friend, Lee Joseph. Additionally, he has completed a Master’s degree in clinical counseling, studied and taught Structural Integration, craniosacral work, yoga, qigong, meditation, and Ving Tsun kung fu. Ryan has taught at PCAB since 2016 and now has found home in Taos, NM where he lives on a “mini-homestead” with his partner, two daughters, mother, puppy, 3 kitties, and 26 chickens, tending the elements, listening to the rhythms of the seasons, and adventuring into the wilds every chance he gets.

Ben Smith
Ben SmithInstructor

Benjamin Smith specializes in integrative oncology massage at Huntsman Cancer Institute, as the Wellness Education, Research, and Training Coordinator for the Massage Therapy program. Since he graduated from Healing Mountain Massage School in 2014 he has focused his career on clinical massage therapy to support people living with chronic pain and chronic illness. He is an NCBTMB approved provider of continuing education with classes in Oncology Massage, Integrative Thai Massage, and Integrative Rehabilitation. In addition to his clinical work, he supports clinical research investigating the effects of massage, as well as serving in the Utah State Board of Massage Therapy. He is an active member of the Academic Consortium For Integrative Health and Medicine (ACIHM) The society for Integrative Oncology (SIO), and The Society for Oncology Massage (S4OM). He is most passionate about supporting a client-led approach to massage therapy that brings together orthopedic approaches in a way that is both neurologically-informed and trauma-informed.

Adam Persinger
Adam PersingerInstructor

Adam Persinger is a practitioner of Structural Integration since graduating from the Rolf Institute in 2009.  Adam’s practice has been informed by diverse interests in the somatic field.   He’s been a student of Vajrayana Buddhism (since 2004), and the Diamond Approach (since 2010).  Over the past ten years Adam has taught yoga, qigong, the Gyrotonic method, and different forms of bodywork.  Adam started his career as a licensed massage therapist in 2004 in Eugene Oregon, and now runs a Structural Integration focused practice in Portland. Besides his love for meditation, movement, and somatic embodiment Adam writes and performs music as Body Holographic.  All this informs his unique approach into embodied presence.

Paul Linn
Paul LinnInstructor

Paul L. Linn MA, LMHC has been teaching and offering therapy to groups and individuals in numerous forms since 1982. He attended graduate school at the California Institute of Integral Studies, after training in Gestalt and body centered psychotherapy. Paul has a long standing interest in dharma studies and an extensive training practice in the insight meditation tradition (Florida Vipassana website).

Since 1987 he has been guiding meditation groups and residentials. The TsomT system  developed as a dynamic synthesis of therapeutic and meditative methods. In combination, the streams that feed this synthesis emerge as an engaged, practical and immediate opportunity for relief from what can be ailing within the human/existential condition, while simultaneously inviting realization of the creative wonder that abides within all that is occuring.

Inika Spence
Inika SpenceInstructor
Inika Spence has been an aquatic body worker since 1996, working at Harbin Hot Springs as a Watsu, WaterDance and Healing Dance Practitioner. Her classes are informed by her extensive work as a therapist and bring a grounded and practical aspect to her teaching. She has over 2800 hours of training and over 4500 hours teaching aquatic bodywork. Inika has been teaching Watsu and Healing Dance since 1999. She brings grace to the water and conveys that grace to her students through her knowledge of movement and experience in yoga, tai chi, dance, meditation. Aquatic bodywork is her passion.
Claire Muskopf
Claire MuskopfInstructor
Claire Muskopf learned to swim before she learned to walk. Water unified and permeated most of her life. Aquatic bodywork has beautifully reconnected dance and that love of the water for her since 2007. Claire deepened her knowledge through her trainings, in Healing Dance, WaterDance, Esalen Massage and Fluid Presence. Displaced from being a Healing Dance practitioner at Harbin Hot Springs, Claire is based in Hawaii where the ocean is a constant comforting and healing presence. Part mermaid, she has been known to say, “if I only had gills, I’d never get out of the water.” The fluidity of the body of work that is Healing Dance, the vocabulary it holds and the ease and care in which movement is offered to clients all provide great inspiration for her. Her playful spirit looks forward to sharing knowledge and exploration with you.