Training Assistant Program
In the Training Assistant Program, PCAB graduates have the opportunity to relearn/refresh both their consciousness skills and bodywork skills and to further their own personal development.  They also have the option to engage in the classroom as a leader, gaining feedback and guidance along the way. The process of leading helps to deepen one’s own understanding of the material as well as developing useful facilitation skills. There are four types of TAs:

Junior TAs
Junior TAs attend TA meetings and assist at the tables during bodywork and consciousness exercises.  Junior TAs have Senior TAs assigned to them to mentor them.  $1200.

Primary TAs
Primary TAs attend TA meetings, assist at tables, supervise clinic, and lead review sessions.  All Junior TAs become Primary TAs in their second semester as default.  $1200.

Senior TAs
Senior TAs are TAs who come back to TA for a third or 4th semester, though Junior TAs who apply themselves during the first semester can become Senior TAs in the second semester, skipping the Primary TA role.  Tuition is free for Senior TAs.

Lead TAs
Lead TAs are Senior TAs who have been Senior TAs for 2 semesters.  They receive a modest stipend.

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