massage therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is a growing industry.  The number of people seeking massages grows every year, and because massage is recognized in so many scientific studies to have many useful functions, massage is included in more and more insurance plans.  Few professions are as easy to travel with, pay as much per hour, provide as much scheduling flexibility, and result in as many happy clients.  And for this reason, every year more and more people are attending one of the 360 massage schools in the US to begin or augment a career.  There are literally hundreds of massage therapy modalities, and most massage schools teach primarily swedish-style massage.  The “best” style of massage is the one that is the most effective for meeting the client’s biological and psychological needs as well as fitting your own preferences for the types of issues you want to focus on, how you prefer to move during a massage, and what your career goals are.