At PCAB, we believe that some individuals have less privilege and opportunity than others due to their racial/ethnic background, and we believe that institutions should strive to create more equity of opportunity. We offer the BIPOC scholarship as one imperfect attempt to create more equity. Though there is no perfect way to determine who deserves assistance and how much is a fair and just amount, the answers that you provide below will help us in this determination.

Please list your AGI for the last year that you had a tax return.
Did you attempt to use the Pay Later option with Klarna and/or Afterpay, and if so, what was the outcome of that?
Please comment on the level of your financial need. To help us be objective, please tell us about the work you did in the past year, the income you made in the last year, whether you plan to work while attending PCAB, what sort of financial assistance you expect to receive from others, and anything else relevant to this topic that would assist us in our decision process.
What % of your genetic ethnicity is Hawaiian/Pacific Islander?
What % of your genetic ethnicity is African-American?
Native American(Required)
What % of your genetic ethnicity is Native American?
What % of your genetic ethnicity is Hispanic?
What % of your genetic ethnicity is Filipino?
Ethnic Basis for Financial Challenges(Required)
To what extent do you feel that your racial/ethnic background has played a role in your current financial challenges?
Ethnic Identity(Required)
To what degree do you identify with being a member of a disadvantaged, marginalized, or underprivileged group?
Please mention anything else here that you feel would be relevant to determining your eligibility for this scholarship.