The cost of a massage program depends a great deal on the number of hours offered, the location of the school, and what is being offered at the school.  Obviously a 500-hour school will be cheaper, on average, than a 1000 hour school.  In 2013, the average tuition cost (with no taxes, fees, or supplies) of massage therapy programs in the USA was $13.5K.  Our program provides many more hours than the national average (642) and offers it very near this average price , even though we’re located in a highly envied location.

Below is a comparison of our program’s hours and tuition with that of prominent programs that specialize in structural bodywork (2015 prices listed where not indicated).

PCAB:  764 hours for $13, 913 (2024)
Rolf Institute: 600-731 hours for $15,808-$18,165
Hellerwork: 1025 hours for $23,500
New School for Structural Integration: 1100 hours for $22,500
Institute for Structural Medicine: 2100 hours for $30,500

Click here for a comparison with other massage schools around the country (2020).