Thank you for participating in this survey, which PCAB is now required to do to attain (and maintain) our curriculum endorsement from COMTA.  The COMTA endorsement adds more legitimacy and credibility to our program, and helps potential students feel more secure about joining the program.

In this survey, COMTA wants to determine what percentage of PCAB’s graduates ended up getting some kind of work as a massage therapist.  They have a very particular formula for determining this, so please make sure you read the description of each item before answering to ensure that the answers are what is needed. PCAB now has to keep records of proof for each graduate, so your assistance in this way is greatly appreciated.

For instance, if you got a job working as a bank teller, you wouldn’t count as a graduate who got a massage job UNLESS you also worked as an LMT, in which case the bank teller job isn’t relevant to this survey.  Also, if you got a job for a month and then quit, that would also still count as getting a massage job, as is being self-employed as an LMT.

If you fill this out indicating that you did not get a job in some form as a massage therapist, please fill this form out again (or at least email us) if and when that status changes.  Once you fill out this form, we do not need to know if you quit a job or got another one.


  • Since graduation, have you taken a massage licensing exam?
  • Since graduation, have you acquired a massage therapy license?
  • Since graduation, which of the following applies to you? Select the FIRST one in the list that applies.
  • Please upload a copy/photo of your license. If the upload button doesn't work, you may email it later to
    Max. file size: 512 MB.
  • If you have worked (FT or PT) as an employee in a massage business since graduation, please list the position you held, the month/year employed, the name/address/phone of that business, along with the name of that contact person.
  • If you have been self-employed (including Independent Contractor) as an LMT massage since graduation, please upload proof of that (e.g. copy or photo of business license, business card, website screenshot, self-attestation letter). If you don't have any of these handy or the upload button doesn't work, you may also email any of these files later to
    Max. file size: 512 MB.