Paylater options allow students to spread out their payments over time, even beyond the graduation date. This allows students to enroll who might not be able to otherwise. It also allows students to get tuition paid in full so they can get their transcripts and get licensed, even while they are still making payments, as opposed to waiting until payments are completed.

Please go HERE to make tuition payments with the option to Pay Later via Klarna or Afterpay.

Note that Afterpay has a limit of $2000. Klarna has an absolute limit of $10,000, but what your limit will be is determined by Klarna. Both offer options to pay in 3 or 4 interest-free installments over a short period of time. Klarna also provides the option to pay over a period of 36 months with interest.

Students would still be responsible for paying the difference between what they owe and what they’re able to pay through Klarna and/or Afterpay.   So if a student owes 14k, and 9k of that is being paid through Klarna, then the student must pay the remaining 5k at the beginning of the course (unless other arrangements are made).  Similarly, if a student owes 14k, and 9k is being paid by Klarna and 2k is paid by Afterpay, then the student must pay the remaining 3k at the beginning of the course.