PCAB is proud and excited to be the first DOE-licensed massage school in Hawaii to offer aquatic courses, starting in March 2020.

Introduction to Healing Dance in Hawai’i

March 12 – 14, 2020

Introduction to Healing Dance® is a 16-hour course (over 3 days) designed for entry-level students of aquatic bodywork. The history, principles and applications of Healing Dance are covered on land, as well as terminology, communication, and the anatomy related to support of the head and pelvis. In the water, you will be given a direct experience of Healing Dance through receiving a mini-session. You will discover how natural it is to share aquatic bodywork and how it can open a new dimension in relating. The tuition is $300. The facility fee is $99. Together, the total is $399 plus accommodations of your choice.  Register here.