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STEP 3: Payment

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CPR and First Aid*
Most states (incl AK, DE, HI, IA, ME, MD, MI, MS, ND, NJ, NH, NM, NY, OR, PA, PR, RI, TX, WA, WI) require current CPR certification to apply for a massage license. Some states require current First Aid certification. You are automatically enrolled for the CPR class and the First Aid class, which costs $135 in addition to tuition. Please indicate whether you would like us to remove you from the CPR/First Aid course. You can change your mind any time prior to the start of the course.
Clinic Adjustment*
Some states require more clinic hours than we offer by default, so we provide a way to acquire those extra hours in those states. Please let us know if you intend to get licensed in any of the states below.
Payment Plans*
Please select which payment plan you intend to go with if you are accepted into the program. You can change this later--think of it as your best guess for now.
• First Day – Pay in Full by end of first week of class
• Payment Plan A: Half payment first week of class, other half before the first break
• Payment Plan B: One-third payment first week of class and the first week after each break
Work-trade Cleaning Position*
Please indicate if you want to be considered for the work-trade cleaning position, which involves setting up and taking down the room each day.
Award for First 12 Applicants
As one of the first 12 applicants, which of the following awards do you think you'll want to select? You can change your mind later if you want.
The registration fee is technically paid after you've been accepted into the program, but if you'd like to save a step later on, you can pay the registration fee now, along with the application fee. The application fee is non-refundable. The registration fee is refunded to you if you are not accepted or if you cancel within 5 days of enrollment.
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I agree to the refund agreement*
Waiver and Release of Liability*
Waiver and Release from Psychological Liability*
Participant Agreement*
Photo, Video, and Audio Release*